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have a look at this

hello dudes and dudettes,

i am in the throws of building a suite of ebXML services, off-the-shelf
packaged.  i am thinking of throwing in the Debtors/creditors ledger and
inventory system in for free.  i should be ready by december 2005.  i also
have an ace up my sleeve that should make ebXML go POP, but i will not
about that as a major ISP (in new zealand) and i are looking all of this
going "yummy".  also, the interface is going to be for "dummies" to use.

it is my opinion that people look at the specs and get scared off.  sure
is a mouth full, but once you do get to that "aha" stage, its all smooth
sailing.  the UBL model is an imperative optional component that should be
taken up, as it solves the interop problem.

in 1.5 months i should be fully spec'd out, class diagrams and such, of
the ebXML services i intend building, as i have just completed the
Use Case diagrams (see UML).

my URL:  www.archmage.org.nz

i have not updated the site for a month, as my server is "under going
changes" and will not be up for 1 month.  so i will drop some cool Use
Diagrams (JPEG anyone?) on the site.

this ebXML thing must be turned around.  do not think technology, think
products.  once you start down that road you start looking into marketing
strategies, and thats why i have paired up with an ISP.  client base
there, just scope out that discretionary income thing, figure out their
propensities to buy more product from us, and you must display the
added-value in your suite.  technology for technology sake only makes
like us happy.  anyhow, i have this thing i am chucking in free, along
the SERIOUSLY abridged ERP package i have been working on, and ebXML goes
the shelf, shrink-wrapped, and "international" ready.

man, after all my student income that i have spent, i hope it works.
oh yeah, just in case you are feeling poorly, and thinking "gee he seems
to it", i am older than most of you, except you alan kotok and colin adam.

"all we have are questions that need answers, so dig deep for answers".


dean hemopo
auckland, new zealand

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From: david.lyon@computergrid.net [mailto:david.lyon@computergrid.net]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 July 2004 12:06 p.m.
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: What the ? is happening to ebxml, and where the ? is it going ?

I've been following ebxml for a few years now, and just reflecting the
of others, I too am wondering where ebxml is going ?

So far, most of the implementations that I've seen require somebody with a
of degrees and maybe a phd to setup, install and run. That's ok if ebxml
going to be simply an academic pursuit.

But in the real business world, things are somewhat different.

After the hype of dot coms, business is bustling away, and looking for
tools and new things. Companies are spending on IT again.

ebxml history gives the strong impression of being just the part-time hack
some good engineers but in the end, it never worked. There is nothing
with that.

I'm wondering if there is any 5 year plan for ebxml ? and where to next ?
what about addressing the real needs of the people, how to use it to get
customers to pay money for it etc. These things seem a long way off and
these are the things that are really important to most of the people that



Quoting Rick Marshall <rjm@zenucom.com>:

> i haven't been able to get into ebxml yet because i don't think it has
> yet really solved the problems of edi. and this is very relevant to the
> soap/uddi people.
> the problem with edi is that it is a huge standard encompassing just
> about every aspect of electronic trading and can cope with just about
> every trading relationship. which means 90% (my guess) of it is not
> needed in any particular trading instance.
> so industry trading groups sit down and agree on which parts of the
> standard they will use, and how they will use them. typically the
> largest purchaser in a trading group will dominate and determine how
> these things will be done.
> then everyone else sits down with interpreters and tools and makes sure
> they can interpret the necessary bits correctly.
> as an aside, there's a lot of redundancy in many of the message formats
> it also forces everyone to learn how to deal at the most complex
> i have yet to see any evidence that ebxml has made this simpler, or
> indeed can make it simpler. i can't see how it reduces the trade group
> needs to negotiate the semantics of the messages, the specific use of
> different terms. and now before you can even start to interpret messages
> you need to fully describe your business model.
> i reckon the horse has become a camel, and like the camel now has it's
> own evolutionary path.
> the good news is that it takes so long for multi-billion dollar trading
> groups to move core technologies i'll probably retire before i have to
> face the reality of this one.
> rick
> bry@itnisk.com wrote:
> > Whenever one examines one of the ebxml specs or reads an article on
> subject
> > there is likely to be a reference to how edi had problems with being
> accepted
> >because it was too complex, but luckily ebxml, being based on xml,
> all
> >this. A very suspect class of assertion it seems like to me. I'm
> if
> >anyone who has familiarity with these technologies can clarify exactly
> and
> >in what ways ebxml reduces the complexity of edi.
> >
> >Basically my understanding is that ebxml just wrapped the edi model in
> so I
> >have a hard time seeing how it could be simpler.
> >
> >Also am wondering about CPAs in Ebxml, it strikes me that this process
> could
> >actually be somewhat onerous, does anyone know of any case studies etc.
> >problems with making CPAs between two companies?
> >
> >
> >
> >
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