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RE: ebxml and uddi

>> Also it seems that ebXML can do everything that UDDI can and more
>> a lot easier to implement than ebXML), is this the case? 

>Not sure about which is easier to implement (would depend on the
>product, of course) - but in essence, one may consider ebXML Registry to
>be a "superset" of UDDI in ways that are described in [1].

well actually my comment was sort of an alice in wonderland type of
because UDDI can be easier to implement than ebXML, but ebXML can never be
easier to implement than ebXML, as well as, of course, referring to my own
opinion that if I had my choice of having to implement one of these things
would go for the UDDI. 

> More specifically, do you need to store (vs. simply register)
>artifacts in a repository?
My opinion is that for what we have which we are currently providing an
registry we will never need to store artifacts. Depending on what we
as artifacts :)

However I am of the opinion that it might be very worthwhile for us to
an ebXML repository for other projects. 
> Also, how does the product landscape look for
>UDDI? How does it look for ebXML Registry? These are only some of the
>factors involved in such a decision.
Though I'm not a big afficionado of UDDI, or ebXML either, from outside
it looks like UDDI is currently more used, outside of large companies that
have moved edi structures to ebXML, the way you phrased that though, leads
me to expect that you thought I would have another opinion. Is this so?
does the product landscape look to you. 

>There is an open-source ebXML Registry SourceForge project called
>"ebxmlrr" that you can find at [3]. Farrukh Najmi of Sun Microsystems is
>the leader for this project, and he is on this listserv.
Yeah, I've seen that. I sort of dread downloading and installing it, cause
can just see if I ever get it to work that then I would be in charge of

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