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Subject: Re: What the ? is happening to ebxml, and where the ? is it going ?

shodZ wrote:

>im with david. ebXML is becoming just too complex, without delivering
>teh real promises. i did rather put my bet on GXA(Global XML
>WebServices Architecture) now, which is being co-authored by
>Microsoft(majority) and IBM. atleast it is based on standards which
>have been really tested out there in the market(yeah man, i`m talking
>about SOAP)
mm: Two important points: (1) Web services are an implementation option 
for SOA. That does not preclude the use of ebXML specifications in the 
SOA world.  In addition, and to be clear: If you stack up the GXA 
architecture of almost/greater than/at least 50 specifications, 
complexity seems to also apply [1].  (2) Either specifications sets or 
even a mix of both could be used to meet customers' needs.  In addition, 
a convergence effort is being guided by AIAG automotive to seize the 
benefit of all the relevant technologies.


[1] All technologies could be relevant and important.

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