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Re: another question


you may be interested in the experience of the UBL localization 
subcommittees. they are translating UBL into Chinese, Japanese, Korean 
and Spanish (with others to follow).

an interesting observation in this is that the tagnames are not the 
target for translation. after all, tagnames are processed by 
applications that don't really care what language they are in. 
furthermore, to be interoperable you would like to have everyone using 
the same schemas and hence tagnames.

so, in hong kong, your example would be something like...


what is needed are translations of the semantics, that is to say, the 
meaning of these tagnames. these may not be part of the document 
instance or even the schema. In UBL they are part of a separate 
information model for that locale.

PS more significant than translation is the fact that different regions 
have different business practices. for example, a hong kong purchase 
order may need a specific government business registration identifier. 
so localizing is as much about accommodating different information 
requirements as translating common ones.

J. Dean E. P. Hemopo wrote:

>dear followers,
>i should have already considered going international with my ebXML
>if you check out my website, and then look under Registry
>(www.archmage.org.nz) you will see what tools i am using to build this
>the question is i want to go multi-lingual at some stage.  now in the
>Microsoft domain its pretty standard, but i am feeble and do not know the
>issues involved.  any ideas as to where i should look for information ?
>the only thing i know is not to use ASCII anymore, but Unicode, as it has
>all the char sets (supports all the char-sets) of the planet earth.
>anything else, i really want to interop with Asia, and when i start
>money will get some Asia-conversant staff.
>how do they have the following in XML:
>	<number>12345</number>
>	<customer_id>abc co</customer_id>
>lets say what would it be in Cantonese?
>thanks for the help guys, and gals,
>dean hemopo
>auckland, new zealand
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tim mcgrath
phone: +618 93352228  
postal: po box 1289   fremantle    western australia 6160

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