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Re: Where have all the developers gone?

Wow. Provocative. Leading. Socratic.

I expect nothing less from an Investment Architect.

Answer: Who knows?


On 20-Jul-04, at 1:58 PM, Zachary Alexander wrote:


I have been catching up on my reading since returning from the beach and here are couple questions:


Has the number of number of developers using this list dropped?

If the number of users has dropped does this mean that everybody is at the beach or does this mean that ebXML has become less relevant to business users?   

Can the amount of traffic on this list be used to monitor the level of support for the ebXML initiative?

If the amount of traffic can used a gage for ebXML acceptance within the developer community, are there grounds for concern?


Zachary Alexander

The IT Investment Architect

ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325

http://www.ebTDesign.com | http://www.semanticviewpoint.comhttp://www.p2peconomy.com 



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