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bpss abstraction

Often concepts such as a business process are really context dependent and
very abstract in nature, and processes that one would not really describe
being business processes have exactly the same dynamic as a process that
would be so described, any model that would be able to handle generic
business processes should be able to handle processes that one would not
normally consider as being business in nature, this is just something that
struck me as I sat here reading the bpss spec. that it was generic enough
that it could be applied to a large variety of processes. Of course I'm a
newbie in this area so I'm wondering if anyone out there with more
experience has any weird adaptions of a business process specification
schema that perhaps pushes the envelope of what one might normally
a business process. 

This might also be a good indicator of how many developers there are
on-list, or if not that, crazy hackers.  

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