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Re: bpss abstraction


 All other details are minor configuration details - endpoints, protocol 
used, security conf, payload etc.So right you are!   All electronic 
processes, if decomposed and abstracted are exactly the same in the 
technological view (also called FSV view in ebXML speak) - one end point 
sends  a stream of bits and bytes to another endpoint.  We can call the 
basic unit of work a Business Transaction (BT) - a simple send and 
send-back pair (always in pairs).

When you start to aggregate those into larger orchestrations, the 
patterns become more complex.  Each Business Transaction must be 
initiated by a signal of some sort. In any good process execution 
engine, there should be conditions that guard against the signal being 
sent to initiate a BT before some other condition(s) are correct.

Architecturally, BPSS should act like sheet music does for an orchestra. 
 It just says how all the individual bits come together when you perform 
a song, in what order and when.  It composes those out of notes that are 
semantically meaningful to those who read them.  We just overlay our own 
melodies into  the notation that the sheet music specifications allow in 
order to ensure others understand our music and can play it.


BTW - on that note:  It is kind or ironic how sheet music has outlasted 
8 track, LP's, cassette's and now possibly CD's and MP3 eventually ;-)  

Bryan Rasmussen wrote:

>Often concepts such as a business process are really context dependent
>very abstract in nature, and processes that one would not really describe
>being business processes have exactly the same dynamic as a process that
>would be so described, any model that would be able to handle generic
>business processes should be able to handle processes that one would not
>normally consider as being business in nature, this is just something
>struck me as I sat here reading the bpss spec. that it was generic enough
>that it could be applied to a large variety of processes. Of course I'm a
>newbie in this area so I'm wondering if anyone out there with more
>experience has any weird adaptions of a business process specification
>schema that perhaps pushes the envelope of what one might normally
>a business process. 
>This might also be a good indicator of how many developers there are
>on-list, or if not that, crazy hackers.  
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