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RE: Where have all the developers gone?

Dear ebXML supporters,

I have been following the ebXML related TC and dev lists on OASIS, and
elsewhere for over a year, I consider myself a developer for enterprise
application in the banking/financial sector for card management solutions.
However due to changes to the industry and company takeovers, I have been
pursuing the role of an independent consultant for the last 4 years. I ma
very much interested in the B2B e-Commerce solution for the SME sector, in
fact I am considering a new start-up venture to develop implement
enterprise application using the ebXML infrastructure. I have also my own
views of what should and should not be done, but I do not want to start a
lengthy discussion here, so instead I will just jot down some points of
observations I think are essential to fuel more interest and
implementations on the case for ebXML adoption:

* The ebXML related TC's on OASIS are doing an excellent job and effort to
define the standards and implementation guidelines for the infrastructure.
Although there is representation from the big industry software companies,
this does not seem to be carried back to their home base, i.e. how many of
the leading application servers do any statement at all for support to the
ebXML standards. I have been working with a specific software tools
supplier, and recently there have been a significant push in the marketing
channels for WSDL / BPEL, in one case even stating that this will "WS
stack will end up replicating the concepts of ebXML with more modularity",
granted this does not mean that it is the whole organization policy but
the fact remains that there is lack of support / knowledge. Ironically the
same organization have members in some on the ebXML related TC's! I think
it is very important to get the commitment, beyond the paperwork, and
logos on the TC home pages to the organizations home turf in order to kick
start the ebXML implementations, perhaps this is my narrow impression, but
I would like to hear from others out there.

* I believe application development is a layered structure, I am aware of
a number of projects implementation ebXML components, namely
registry/repository services, messaging / message handlers, a variety of
front end clients. This is very important to evaluate, and build proof of
concept implementation, however to start the path for enterprise
applications, business analysts require that ebXML support is supported in
application design tools. There are currently the "first layer" developers
that are implementing the message handlers, registry services etc. Then
how about the enterprise application developers who put this all together
in order to market a commercial product to the high end of the industry.
This needs to be co-ordinated, obviously and I think it is important that
there is more involvement / initiative  from the large organizations that
supply IDE tools to the industry.

* Education! Yes, I have been reading books, and articles on the ebXML
infrastructure.. But obviously one will have questions. Although there are
many tools for communication, such as this forum, I think it is important
to hold some form of convention or "open day" where the main players meet
and have access to the brains behind this initiative. Maybe it's old
fashioned but I think it's very important to kick-start newcomers into the
right direction, something like JAVA One, but perhaps can be grouped with
XML forum meetings and seminars. I have personally beet monitoring for
public meeting events for ebXML, nothing so far (I have seen some
references to ebXML in some of the events listed in OASIS, but nothing
that indication a main topic/focus).

Well there are still developers out there, and it's a "big ocean", but you
have to fish with the right tools / bait.

Best regards from a developer,

Jesmond Abela
E-BusCon Ltd.

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From: david.lyon@computergrid.net [mailto:david.lyon@computergrid.net]
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 22:29
To: Zachary Alexander
Cc: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Re: Where have all the developers gone?


There are probably just definitely less software developers in the
business world today. Ones that were drawn into it by the lure of big
money from the dot com influx dissappeared after the dot com money dried

One thing I noticed then was that anybody could be a VB contractor with
just an IT degree and 6 months experience. Now most of those people seem
to have gone back to whence they came. There are definitely less
developers about these days.

As for relevence, I've never been asked by a customer for anything about
ebxml. They deal with some big companies, many based in Germany, Japan and
the US etc.

Sadly, imho, ebxml by itself doesn't offer anything that a business can
really sink it's teeth into, especially at a medium or small sized
business level. It advertises itself as being a carrot, it looks like a
carrot, but it's actually a picture card of a carrot rather than something
that you can really sink your teeth into and get a full stomach from.

I'd be interested in hearing about activity on ebxml from Korea, where I
hear only good things. If there is somebody that can describe how ebxml is
going in Korea then I'd certainly be interested in hearing.


Quoting Zachary Alexander <zack2003@ebtdesign.com>:

> All,
> I have been catching up on my reading since returning from the beach
> and here are couple questions:
> Has the number of number of developers using this list dropped?
> If the number of users has dropped does this mean that everybody is at
> the beach or does this mean that ebXML has become less relevant to
> business users?
> Can the amount of traffic on this list be used to monitor the level of
> support for the ebXML initiative?
> If the amount of traffic can used a gage for ebXML acceptance within
> the developer community, are there grounds for concern?
> Zachary Alexander
> The IT Investment Architect
> ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325
> http://www.ebTDesign.com <http://www.ebtdesign.com/>  |
> <http://www.semanticviewpoint.com/> http://www.semanticviewpoint.com |
> <http://www.p2peconomy.com/> http://www.p2peconomy.com
>  <http://www.semanticviewpoint.com>


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