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Re: interoperability

At 01:40 PM 7/21/2004 +0200, Bryan Rasmussen wrote <snipped>:

>Hey,  in the report I'm writing I noted the concerns of Mike Rawlins
>vis-a-vis interoperability but went on to make the following argument
>"interoperability issues have been vigorously addressed by the ebXML
>community, via the OASIS Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance
><http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-iic/> , interoperability
>are regularly conducted by the Drummond Group (recent results here:
><http://www.ebusinessready.org/pr_ebxml.html> )  the European
>Interoperability ebXML - Pilot Project (located here
>bxml_interop.asp> xml 2003 presentation abstract
>), the search for interoperability in the ebxml community seems
>by governmental and non-vendor organizations who have an interest in
>assuring interoperability for all vendors, whereas in the Web Services
>community, as exemplified by WS-1 one could argue that interoperability
>undermined by vendors comprising the standards organization, and thereby
>using it as a political tool against competing vendors. "

If you review the various issues I raised regarding interoperability,  the

initiatives you cite deal primarily with "common security" and "common
transfer protocol" and don't address the other areas.  These work efforts 
are important and necessary and certainly represent progress, but they 
aren't sufficient.

>which I don't know how others see it but standing outside it does look to
>that ebXML's search for interoperability is more serious than that of the
>WS-1 group.

I don't contest tour general observation about the web services community,

I think you judge WS-I too harshly.   I don't know the inside politics and

motivations of WS-I, but from an outsider's viewpoint I don't see their 
efforts as being substantially different in their sphere from the ebXML 
efforts you cite.   Your report will be more credible if you tone down

>Then I make the following statement:
>"Interoperability is further enhanced by relying on UBL for providing the
>Common Expression, perhaps also Common Vocabulary. "

That would be fine, if you could get everyone to agree on UBL as the
expression  ;^)  (and common semantics and vocabulary as well).  However, 
that still leaves the hurdle of common business processes.  Several 
vertical industries are well along their way in this area, but we still 
don't have a universally accepted cross-industry set of common business 


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting
Using XML with Legacy Business Applications (Addison-Wesley, 2003)

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