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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Re: [ubl-dev] Q: What mime type for UBL/ebxml with smtp ?

ok - fair enough for text/xml. I'm just canvassing thoughts, just as you are. I
can see the logic behind your reasoning. 

But I think there's also a case for something more specific like ebxml/Order as
every ebxml/Order would be xml by definition anyway without exception.

IE seems to pick up any text/xml document by default on most systems. But I
would suggest that it doesn't have anything in it to be able to do anything
with the document other than change the colors and fonts of the letters.

This isn't really the "correct" handling of a UBL/Invoice and far from the
requirements of any business that I have seen. 

What needs to happen with a UBL invoice in most places is that it needs to be
formatted properly, validated,  and interpreted in context with all the other
UBL/Invoices from the Selling Party. A bit more than what IE or any other
Browser can currently offer.

Anyway, these are just my personal opinions. Obviously in my test programs I'll
make sure that I provide support for text/xml and many thanks for pointing it
out. I still think ebxml/Order or UBL/Invoice scheme would be better.....

anyway.. best regards


Quoting stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk:

> David
> I should think there would be a general feeling against
> any mime type other than text/xml
> I wonder how XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 might help here with e-mails
> (might support for non-xml text allow pulling in of documents/fragments
> from emails in a folder - for Java type e-mails,etc - where these are
>  just held as text files in a folder? - not much help perhaps if the
> messages are held in a database such as a .dbx file perhaps)
> As for OrderResponse I'd say (XPath)
> /Order/AcknowledgementResponseCode
> is what you want (valid values are 'OrderResponse' and
> 'OrderResponseSimple')
> All the best
> Stephen Green
> david.lyon@computergrid.net wrote on 12.08.2004, 05:01:26:
> > 
> > Anybody,
> > 
> > I know the answer is probably rtfm/stupid but I thought I'd just check with
> any
> > experts first as they might know an answer off the top of their heads.
> > 
> > Just trying to put together some ubl test data and I want to pull in UBL
> > acknowledgements with a mail utility from a pop mailbox. no probs in
> that..
> > 
> > but is there a mime type for UBL yet?
> > 
> > or is the best way just to stick all the acknowledgment documents in a
> directory
> > with some kind of xpath and go from there?
> > 
> > Then, anybody know how to quickly determine the document type for an
> > acknowledgement? say an OrderResponse.
> > 
> > My preference for an answer would be XPath/Perl, but any other language
> would
> > probably do.
> > 
> > only about 113,000 unique xpath elements to deal with; so little time to
> > test them all
> > 
> > David
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > -------------------------------------------------------


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