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[Announce] ebXML workshop and Open Source ebXML solutionsdemonstration in Switzerland (September and October 2006)

Dear ebXML community

So that the ebxml-dev mailinglist is online again here some news.

I am happy to announce 

1) a 1/2 day ebXML workshop and 
2) an ebXML Open Source demonstration (very late notice due to ebxml-dev
mailinglists problem)

The events take place in Switzerland.

1) ebXML workshop (October 12th 2006) at the "Workshop Tage" organized
by Swiss Open Systems User Groups. The workshop will include an overview
of the ebXML components, plus a sample walk through using the Universal
Business Process (ebBP and UBL related), configuration of ebXML systems
(ebMS) with ebXML CPA's. 

Website at: http://www.ch-open.ch/wstage/06/

So if you know interested parties close to Switzerland this may be
something for them.

2) At the annual Swiss Business Application Conference/Exhibition  there
is new a parallel program related to Open Source "business"
applications. We (me and Webswell) got a booth to present (September
21st 2006) the Hermes ebXML Messaging System Version 2.0 in combination
with Webswell Version 2.0 Open Source product (ebXML CPA support, use of
ebXML registry for configuration, message dispatcher) to demonstrate
ebXML B2B interactions.

Website swiss business apps expo: http://www.topsoft.ch
Website open source business apps expo:


Sacha Schlegel

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