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Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML implementations/experience

Neil Davudo wrote:
> Thanks a lot for all the pointers. How is UBL related to ebXML?

ebXML provides an XML-based infrastructure that can replace traditional
EDI.  UBL standardizes a set of XML formats for business messages that
can be used with ebXML (or WS*, or email, or whatever you've got for
exchanging XML documents).  I've attached an ancient diagram that
illustrates the original concept; as shown in the figure, UBL was
designed to be used in an ebXML framework, but in fact it's completely
agnostic with regard to the transport mechanism and so on.

> My questions stem from me recommending to my company that leveraging
> ebXML and UBL will help them. It is a retailer trying to send their
> product information to various search advertising channels like Google
> and Yahoo. What I am also trying to find out is whether these areas
> (e.g. search advertising) were considered while defining the messages
> and business documents.

The UBL implementers hang out on the ubl-dev list, which you can
subscribe to using the OASIS list manager:



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