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Subject: Re: Geyer [ebxml-mktg-sc] 10/2/2002: Cover Pages Newsletter - CCTSReview


Thanks for the clarification.  Well you almost wriggle off
the hook here - I'm not sure if its our mistake and your
fault, or your mistake and our fault.

I'll shake my head here in confusion.

Anyway - yep - I saw the announce come thru on the spec',
but there's no correlation on the release.  We see these
spec' things all the time - then "poouff" an announce.

Fortunately we're not making millions homeless with this - 
but it occurs to me - an internal "announce@....." mailing 
list would work nicely here.

That way we could sign-up people that need to get
heads up on noteworthy events, and also push PR and
articles to them.

This would be internal OASIS, CEFACT and Committee
folks, and we could also consider bringing folks in 
Europe and Japan - from aligned groups like CEN, EAN,
et al.

Its really an internal broadcast system.

Do we really need it?  Probably not.  Is it a nice to have,
I'd argue - Yes.   Do I have to send something in triplicate,
notorized and bound to Jamie Clark to get this on an
agenda somewhere?

Cheers, DW.

p.s. Raising things is not my speciality...

Message text written by Klaus-Dieter Naujok
> Suggest I raise this at the Steering Committee.

David, there is nothing to raise.


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