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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WELCOME AGAIN !

Title: WELCOME !
ebXML User Council Members:
We now have 27 members, with global representation from over 12 countries and across 17 time zones, including Hong Kong and Australia.
Within the next two weeks, I would like to attempt to schedule our first interactive meeting. I have two possible choices: we can use basic teleconferencing (which will require many of you to initiate IDDD calls to the US)., or we can try web conferencing using technology by Webex. Any other suggestions ?
What is your preference ? Is there anyone who can NOT use the Webex type conferencing ?
In the next few days, I will send out an early draft of a "Charter and By-Laws" document (just so we have a "mission statement" and some procedural guidelines).
It is going to be very tough to pick a timeframe to set a timeframe to meet that everyone can accept.
For the first meeting, how about if we try: 10:00 Eastern US Time (07:00 Pacific US), afternoon in EMEA and yes, I know, very late in ASPAC !!
Can everyone accept that (for just one day ?).
If not, the other choice is to have two separate meetings (e.g., one at 2:00pm ET for EMEA & Americas and one at 9:00pm ET  for ASPAC and Americas).
What is your preference ?
PS>In case my acronyms are not familiar:
EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa
ASPAC - Asia-Pacific Region

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