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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FW: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo

Title: FW: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo

Good News ! GM has agreed to let us publish their presentation on our website. I have attached the presentation. It has good points for both WS and ebXML.......


-----Original Message-----
From: Snack, Pat [mailto:psnack@aiag.org]
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 2:57 PM
To: Yader, Mark (GXS)
Cc: Sigmund Handelman (E-mail); Fuger, Sally
Subject: FW: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo

Mark -

Per your request, GM has agreed to publication of the presentation.  Please use the reference Fred has requested.  Thanks.

Pat Snack
Executive Loan

-----Original Message-----
From: fred.falten@gm.com [mailto:fred.falten@gm.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 9:22 AM
To: Snack, Pat
Cc: christopher.perry@gm.com; tony.scott@gm.com; nancy.s.stewart@gm.com;
Subject: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo


Since all of the slides have been presented twice to public conferences
(SunNetworking, AIAG) and is planned for another public conference (Gartner
Conference in Chicago), I see no reason to prevent wide spread publication
of these slides. In addition, I will be using this material in a
co-authored doc with Ford that has been approved by Chris Perry and Tony
Scott for public consumption. I do ask that a reference be included to
indicate that the "Application Solutions Delivery team at IS&S" created the
RI and slides.

 I have copied Chris Perry  (IT communications) to ensure he is aware of


"Snack, Pat" <psnack@aiag.org> on 10/07/2002 01:52:59 PM

To:    "Fred Falten \(E-mail\)" <fred.falten@gm.com>
Subject:    FW: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo

Fred -

Below is a request to publish your ebXML reference implementation demo on
the ebXML Organization/Joint Marketing page.  I also have a request to
include a page from your slide presentation in an XML article being written
for ActionLine Magazine by one of the members.  What is your position on
these items?

-----Original Message-----
From: Stitt, Denice
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 3:38 PM
To: Snack, Pat
Cc: 'Mark.Yader@gxs.com'
Subject: FW: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo


I believe you should respond to this e-mail request.

-----Original Message-----
From: Yader, Mark (GXS) [mailto:Mark.Yader@gxs.com]
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 3:36 PM
To: Stitt, Denice
Cc: carol.geyer@oasis-open.org; Yader, Mark (GXS); s.handelman@att.net
Subject: RE: RSVP for GM ebXML Demo


In addition to my "limited" remote participation in Sig's XML/EDI WG, I
also am a member of an ebXML oganization known as the ebXML Joint Marketing
Team ( http://www.ebxml.org/ebxml_jmt/index.htm) which is sponsored by
OASIS and co-ordinated by Carol Geyer, whom I have copied on this note.

On behalf of the ebXML JMT, I would like to request permission to post GM's
presentation on our ebXML JMT website.

Can you help me determine if this would be OK ?

Thanks and regards.......


 -----Original Message-----
From: Stitt, Denice [ mailto:dstitt@aiag.org]
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 8:12 AM
To: Snack, Pat
Cc: Fuger, Sally
Subject: ebXML Demo for AIAG

If you would like to attend the ebXML reference implementation demo built
by General Motors, please RSVP to me by September 20, 2002. The demo will
be from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Wednesday September 25, 2002 at the
RenCen in downtown Detroit. A security clearance will be arranged. A more
detailed description is provided below in an excerpt of the e-mail sent to
Pat Snack from General Motors.

 Denice E. Stitt
Advisory Program Specialist

(See attached file: C.htm)


Attachment: SunNetworkingConferenceSlidesOct18.ppt
Description: application/mspowerpoint

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