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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 1/2/2003: ebXML PPT Revised Comments


Just working thru these and here's my rationale...

See notes below.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "Monica Martin"
Put user implementations before vendor products.

>> I like focus on what people can buy off the shelf - because
   that effects their immediate project planning... shows this is 
   commercially real.  Also - punch those big vendor names early
   builds credability.

Put statements rather than questions in eBusiness portion at start.

>> Questions are a great presenter technique - especailly early in
a presentation - helps you reach the audience - get their attention,
ask them to participate.... well that's the theory anyway - ; -)

Wouldn't business challenges be levels of size and then of perspective:
B2B, A2B, A2A? (Slide 8)

>> I've gone for the timeless values that everyone has.

Break slide 8 into two slides for large and small-medium perspective.
>> Both on the one slide is a compare and contrast, top and bottom,
and shows that ebXML does both together without separation....

This is more focused on technology not business challenges.  Business
challenges would be lowering costs, increasing productivity, more
effectively communicating with trading partners (via technology that is
flexible, extensible, and can accommodate complex or simple business
>>> OK - these terms generally seem to be all the items on the slide- 
but  I like to have specific items, rather than just general business terms

here - CIOs hot buttons. I did tweak the wording a little too. <<<

On Slide 10, suggest there is a layer above data which is perhaps
'process' or 'collaboration' at the top of the pyramid.
>>> Maybe we need a cake not a pyramid - that last purple block is too
small to label - but a managed something ; -)

On Slide 20, suggest you shorten this - see inline.

>>> ROI and productivity mantra. OK!  Made some adjustments.

On Slide 25, best speak to UMM.
>>> UMM is unproven at this point - and unknown.  Most small
business will understand concrete implementation components
first.   Who, what, why and how - immediately understandable.

On Slide 35, '(and long-term consistency)' - where does this fall - with
info quality?

>>> Yep - sorry - changed colour and moved it to make it obvious.

 Also, can we discuss context as well as content assembly, right?

>>> This is 'hidden' in that context rules are detailed in the
 text under Content Assembly.  I think that's about right - we just
introduced these core ideas - so best to focus on big picture first.

On Slide 36, need to put some details on choreography to show the
synergy and potential interoperability between ebXML and WS - this may
be perceived as A vs. B.

>>> Got it.  Made some changes.

On Slide 38, need to add some of the Pacific Rim or European vendors -
Software AG, XENI, POSDATA, etc.

>>> OK -  done - added link to online vendor list resources.

On Slide 39, too busy!!!! Text could be verbal or touched upon.

>>> Yeah - this is a masterpiece slide.  If we have this - we have 
everything.  True - most people will not grasp its full depth - but
its here to show what vendors need to deliver (and also how 
comprehensive the ebXML approach is).  I've tried to create 
simpler versions - but then I get the opposite critism!!

**Slides 41-42 - Need more details for me here for Adoption Update as
some are only POC, planned, etc.**

>>> Obviously this is where presenters can add their own expertise. <<<

On Slide 43, add 24x7 steel, Open eXchange, to start.

>>> OK, Done.

On Slide 44, STAR has had a hard time with security - they are not ready
for digital signatures and the security overhead.  Should we qualify

>>> Their stuff was v1.1 of ebMS that's why - the new V2 ebMS solves.
Given that and that DGI cert' is about to deliver think this is non-issue.

Rename Slide 54, to ebXML Registry Vision.
>>>OK, done.

On Specification developments, need to cite release of CPP/CPPA 2.
specification.  What about UBL?

>>> CPA stuff added.  UBL  is still not released yet - let's add that 
once its all clear-cut.

On Slide 56, we need to discuss the positioning on timing and plans -
most companies and organizations today realize they have to deliver
results in 12 months or less.  Perhaps we show that ebXML can support an
iterative approach that is allocated into manageable projects. Thoughts?

>>> Its so tough - some projects can deliver in 3 weeks, others 3 months
to a year.  Your mileage will vary.  Again presenters will add their own
experience here.

On Slide 57, turn arrow up and turn the text over (Maturity should go
It does - from level 1 to level 6.  Australians of course will ask, what is

Attached revised PPT ZIP.

Thought - should we add some more presentation notes into the PPT,
we have some - but more may be helpful...?

Cheers, DW.     

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