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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] [Fwd: Welcome to the ebxml-speakers group]


This is a good thing - however I wish you had used:


Personal peeve - I hate Yahoo groups - because they
make you sign up for Spam and you get pop-ups
via HTML, and you have to go to the group site - 
so they are not really 'free'.

You may want to think about re-locating to Freelists
at some point once you have things stabilized.

Feature for feature Freelist matches Yahoo - and
then it has things they do not - and without the Spam,
and onliine interface issues ; -)

OK - I've had my rant for the day - I'm really pleased to
see you and Alan are making progress.

On the PPT front - I'm ready to sign-off on the ebXML PPT
now - and have that posted to your new group - and 
the Web site as a Speaker Resource.  I suggest once
the group gets rolling that they can take ownership of
the PPT and keeping it up to date, posting varients,
et al.

Do you want to take the lead on the PPT now?  We 
can do a straw poll on whether people see it is ready
for primetime - do an [announce] and move on to the 
next deliverable...

Cheers, DW.

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