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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] [Fwd: Welcome to the ebxml-speakers group]

Message text written by Sang Shin
I would say that we post it.  We can always improve
anytime we want.  I would add a slide (or within speaker
notes somewhere) that has "version control information" so that
people know which version they are dealing with.

Yes, I will be glad to move on with your slides and
let people know.


Ok - attached ZIP - go for it!

On the 'freelist' rant side - must say you've set up the Yahoo group
much better than the previous two I've seen (not sure what you did 
different from those other guys - but obviously experience counts!).

And since I'm not about to use the Yahoo online stuff - I'm safe
just getting the emails and replying to them.  And I have
my popup stopper software installed.   I'll live with that!

Cheers, DW.

Attachment: ebXML-JMT-PPT-January-2003A.ZIP
Description: Binary data

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