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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] [Fwd: [Fwd: Sun's Participation in ONCE/NGI NextGeneration Trading Partner Integration Research Activity]]

Sun has received a request to participate in
so-called Next Generation Trading Partner Integration
research activity. (See the detail below.)

Should we (ebXML JMT) get involved with these guys?
Anyone of know these guys?


-------- Original Message --------

It was a pleasure speaking with you last Friday regarding Sun's
participation in the ONCE/NGI Next Generation Trading Partner Integration
Research activity.

We would like to invite Sun to participate in a Next Generation Trading
Partner Integration research activity being sponsored by The Open Network
for Commerce Exchange (ONCE) (http://www.connect-once.com), Commerce Net
(http://www.commerce.net) and the Next Generation Internet Program of the
State of California; the details of which were featured January 6th in a
press release http://www.connect-once.com/news/2003/010603.html.

The primary objective of our study is to define the gap between perceived
needs for integration and application development relative to the new
capabilities that web services technology and service oriented architectures
and platforms can provide.  The research activity includes an investigation
of the use of web services to address enterprise integration and application
development needs of Fortune 500 enterprises and public marketplaces.

The intent of this research is to gain a better understanding of the gap
between current and next generation trading partner integration approaches
(standards and applications) across the Global 2000. We believe that this
understanding is needed for CIOs to accurately comprehend the benefits of
lower cost integration alternatives to trading partner integration such as
web services.

We also believe that this understanding is also needed for CEOs and line of
business executives to understand the value that these technologies bring as
the basis of business process syndication, taking established behind the
firewall capabilities and offering them to trading partners enabling
innovation and competitive advantage for their companies.

The outcomes of the research will be used in a business and technical forum
in early March 2003 where groups of enterprises and marketplaces will work
together with the technology vendor community to build awareness, identify
and disseminate best practices and demonstrate successful implementations
for building trading partner integration solutions for direct and indirect
channels, leveraging existing investments in solutions such as e-procurement
and CRM.  This forum will also facilitate the identification of proof of
concept projects that can lead to the development of vendor neutral
interfaces for connecting trading partners and syndicating business services
utilizing these technologies.  Participants in the survey will receive a
copy of the report in late January and be invited to actively participate in
the March event.

We would like to interview Sun as we have several other marketplaces,
enterprises and technology vendors participating in the survey.  It would be
helpful if you could source the appropriate contact within Sun to conduct a
1 hour interview this week as our primary research is due to conclude
January 24th.

For the interview, we will be covering market & competitive positioning,
current customer successes, a review of the product components, capabilities
and differentiation relative to existing and new emerging applications
integration technologies.  Attached is a background questionnaire that will
give you an idea of the content that we are covering with the enterprise
customers and an overview of the program which outlines the objectives,
activities, desired outcomes and participants of the project.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and we will look forward to
hearing from you with the appropriate contact(s) for an interview this week.
Our interviews are due to wrap up by this Friday January 24th and we would
like to include Sun's input for our final report.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Stephanie A. Race
President & CEO, Innovation Enterprises, Inc.
(415) 577-8532 (Mobile)

Sang Shin                       sang.shin@sun.com
Strategic Market Development    (781) 442-0531(Work)
Sun Microsystems, Inc.          (781) 993-1136(Fax)

(Life is worth living... with Passion!)

Attachment: ONCE NGI Trading Partner Integration Survey Participant BackgroundQuestionnaire.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Attachment: ONCE NGI Next Generation Trading Partner Integration InitativeCommunication.ppt
Description: MS-Powerpoint presentation

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