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Subject: SOAP 1.2


This seems like a useful reference to add to the ebMS comparison 
article, just so we have this covered off - in terms of SOAP related

Does anyone have any more we could add on SOAP specifically?

Message text written by "dee schur"
>Don't Rush to SOAP 1.2 Conversions
Rich Seeley, Application Development Trends

Developers need not rush to convert existing applications to use the
SOAP 1.2 specs, completed by the W3C last week.  So says Rich Salz,
an architect who worked on the early stages of the messaging
specification. "What SOAP 1.2 brings to the table is that it is a
clearer and more rigorous spec and it's more transport-neutral. It
uses HTTP better, more in the spirit of the Web. It is neutral
about HTTP vs. anything else."



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