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Subject: W3C patents

The W3C procedure amazes me.  In the internal voting on this - there
was a lot of negative votes - including rejections - with reasons, and
then accept but with modifications, and from significant large companies,
not just small ones.   

Anyway - low and behold - the policy passes anyway!  In OASIS this
would have had to go back around for review and changes before
being re-submitted.

Kudos to OASIS for having a better procedure - but in the meantime
there's going to be some unhappy campers here!


Message text written by "dee schur"
>W3C Readies New Tech Patent Policy
Carol Sliwa, Computerworld

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is poised to unveil a formal
policy for dealing with technology patents that have the potential to
block the development of interoperable Web standards.  W3C's Daniel
Weitzner said the policy drafted by the working group reflects the
"overwhelming goal" of producing standards that can be implemented
royalty-free. But the group also included an exception provision that
will make it possible for members to consider alternate licensing
terms when it's deemed impossible to meet the royalty-free goal.


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