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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WP - Messaging Options - Release Copy.

I just want to be sure that whatever the JMT publishes is blessed by the
JCC. David, do you plan to submit the final doc to the JCC before it's
posted? Do you (or another JMT co-chair) plan to dial in to the JCC
conference call on Tuesday?

-----Original Message-----
From: David RR Webber - XML ebusiness [mailto:Gnosis_@compuserve.com]
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 12:50 AM
To: ebXML Mkt Steering
Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WP - Messaging Options - Release Copy.


The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things,

and particularly white papers!   Attached.

I sense from Carol she would like to get a definitive 'Yes",
from everyone on this, before it goes out.

So - here's my plan on this - please review the copy - I've not
changed anything from the 21st copy (changes in that were highlighted),

I've simply consolidated the changes, and re-generated the table of
contents to make sure all page #'s tally.

If you have any last minute changes - cough - speak or otherwise
post them on email.

Then on Thursday in our meeting - we can move this document
forward  formally and approve sending it out - assuming we
don't hear any 'nays' on email before then.

Thanks, DW.

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