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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FWD: New Approach to Customer/Supplier Collaboration


What is BetweenMarkets implementing?  I haven't figured out what they do 
(if anything).

Alan Kotok
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Data Interchange Standards Association
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At 10:41 AM 6/18/03 -0400, David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:
>I'd like to think about how we reach implementers
>like this and persuade to start supporting
>Is there a 'channel' or trade magazine we could
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>RE:     New Approach to Customer/Supplier Collaboration
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>Fortune 500 companies like JDS Uniphase are rolling out
>BetweenMarkets software to their large customers, EMS partners,
>component suppliers and 3PL partners -- to support multi-enterprise
>collaboration and business intelligence capabilities that will tie
>them closer to these trading partners than ever before.
>TradeAccelerator from BetweenMarkets gives large, distributed
>enterprises a single, powerful mechanism for establishing connections
>with their trading partners - quickly, flexibly and cheaply. These
>connections are then leveraged to expose real-time intelligence and
>role-based collaboration related to inventory management, sales
>forecasting, build planning, SLA compliance, quality scorecarding and
>other distributed processes. Value can be delivered extremely quickly
>- at JDS Uniphase the initial deployment took less than six weeks
>(with Oracle ERP integration) and delivered a 90-day ROI.
>We have several other emerging relationships with large OEMs, EMS
>players, 3PLs and component suppliers within the high technology,
>industrial manufacturing, and medical equipment verticals. I would
>appreciate the chance to discuss with you potential ways in which our
>technology could support the expansion of your trading partner
>collaboration initiatives. Would it be possible to schedule some time
>with you in the next couple of weeks, either for a phone call, a
>WebEx or an in-person meeting? If so, please reach me via this e-mail
>or at 512-334-5570.
>If you would like to review more detailed information regarding
>TradeAccelerator, please click on the following link, and you can
>view a more detailed white paper and demonstration walkthroughs:
>Thanks and regards,
>John Price
>Vice President of Sales and Marketing
>BetweenMarkets, Inc.

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