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Subject: FWD: New Approach to Customer/Supplier Collaboration


I'd like to think about how we reach implementers
like this and persuade to start supporting 

Is there a 'channel' or trade magazine we could



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Date:	6/18/2003  8:38 AM

RE:	New Approach to Customer/Supplier Collaboration

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Fortune 500 companies like JDS Uniphase are rolling out 
BetweenMarkets software to their large customers, EMS partners, 
component suppliers and 3PL partners -- to support multi-enterprise 
collaboration and business intelligence capabilities that will tie 
them closer to these trading partners than ever before.

TradeAccelerator from BetweenMarkets gives large, distributed 
enterprises a single, powerful mechanism for establishing connections 
with their trading partners - quickly, flexibly and cheaply. These 
connections are then leveraged to expose real-time intelligence and 
role-based collaboration related to inventory management, sales 
forecasting, build planning, SLA compliance, quality scorecarding and 
other distributed processes. Value can be delivered extremely quickly 
- at JDS Uniphase the initial deployment took less than six weeks 
(with Oracle ERP integration) and delivered a 90-day ROI.

We have several other emerging relationships with large OEMs, EMS 
players, 3PLs and component suppliers within the high technology, 
industrial manufacturing, and medical equipment verticals. I would 
appreciate the chance to discuss with you potential ways in which our 
technology could support the expansion of your trading partner 
collaboration initiatives. Would it be possible to schedule some time 
with you in the next couple of weeks, either for a phone call, a 
WebEx or an in-person meeting? If so, please reach me via this e-mail 
or at 512-334-5570.

If you would like to review more detailed information regarding 
TradeAccelerator, please click on the following link, and you can 
view a more detailed white paper and demonstration walkthroughs:


Thanks and regards,

John Price
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
BetweenMarkets, Inc.

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