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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FWD: New Approach to Customer/Supplier Collaboration


Gosh!  That's because they have such brilliant marketing ; -)

Obviously whatever it is they don;t want their competitors 
getting wind of it...

Anyway - I was using them more illustrative rather than 
specific - of this gendre - of solution providers in the
eMarket space - where ebXML should have a very strong
story - if only we can get it to the right eyeballs....

Conversely I suppose - going the other way around - 
having the community of interest standards groups
promoting ebXML as the way to go - can lead their
members and then the solution providers.

Either which way - I suspect we can zone in on a 
shortlist of high priority adoptors we'd like to see...

The White Paper on messaging now gives us a
start point for the value proposition individually - but
there's also the community level 'sell'.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Alan Kotok

What is BetweenMarkets implementing?  I haven't figured out what they do 
(if anything).

Alan Kotok<

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