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Subject: XML 2003 Conference

Title: XML 2003 Conference


I have just finished my first draft of my paper for the XML 2003 Conference in December ("XML MESSAGING - ACROSS THE CHASM"). If you have the time and/or interest I would LOVE your comments and feedback before I submit it (NLT 10/1 !!).

If not, I would still like to solicit your input on two areas that I need to beef-up.

        1. 2-3 Examples of "successful XML Messaging implementations" in EMEA and ASPAC regions.

        2. A vision of the future (of XML Messaging)- Will it be "convergence" (to UBL, etc.) ?


PS>Is anyone else going to the conference ? If so, lets plan a lunch or dinner get-together.

PPS>Is the ebXML JMT SC still an "active" work group ? (i.e., should I take it off my resume ?)

DAVID>If you help me with serious edits/comments, the next Indian lunch is on me !!

Best regards.........Mark


XML 2003 Paper_draft.doc

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