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ebxml-mktg message

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Subject: NO!!! - [ebxml-mktg] ebXML Name

Message text written by Lisa Seaburg
Having been part of the ebXML initiative from the beginning, I think the
name never had a problem.  The idea that the name has lost something
over the last nine months is quite true.<



Let's not even go there.  This is what MS and IBM has been praying for.

In Chess you have to know when not to make silly side moves that
detract from the main thrust and strategy.

The enemy is in a corner making sneaky and complex moves, but
basically they are on the back heel.

Now is NOT the time to releave any of that pressure on them.

You may not be aware of VERY VERY large technical moves that
are happening.  Several companies are desperately close to 
deploying massive ebXML production rollouts.   

You will then have everyone moving in behind ebXML and saying

Keep the faith and believe - MS and IBM do - which is why they are
running worried and have spent gobs on WS-I....

Thanks, DW

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