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ebxml-mktg message

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML name

Message text written by Arijit Sengupta
Hi All. For some reason this discussion has changed into "should we scrap
the ebXML name". As I made clear in my initial email, that is not an option
before the marketing team. What the JCC had requested feedback on was the
The ebXML JCC is planning to release profiles of ebXML standards, and
infrastructure specs such as SOAP, WSDL, XMLDSIG, that can be used to
conduct mission critical, industrial strength web services. We were
wondering whether we should brand these profiles as ebWS, or something
else. I still would appreciate feedback on that. Discussions on changing
the names of the set of specs, namely ebXML, is moot. Regards,


Thanks for the clarification.

The something else might be ebXML-WS.

This brings up an interesting notion.  When we first started ebXML,
certain things were off-limits in the interest of reining in the total

XML forms processing was one such item, and also transformation 
services.  So ebXML V1.0 was very firmly focused on B2B primary, and 
then allied processing after that.

Looking out down the road - we can foresee over the next five years
more new tech' emerging other than web services, 
example - ebXML-Wireless is another obvious one,
then we have ebXML-Forms and so on.

Maybe we start out right now creating the family in this way?

If so - we need some general guidelines here to ensure we have
some relatively large buckets - otherwise we get more 
fragmentation than I think would be healthy.

So ebXML-Wireless and ebXML-Forms should all instead come
under ebXML-LX, and so on ???


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