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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] Gartner & ebXML again


Some Gartner analysts here in the US have a more balanced
view point.

I'll send you a pre-release of our ebXML Adoption 
document in a minute.  The official copy will come out 
on Thursday PM (tomorrow ).

I think you will be gob-smacked to see just how much work
Australia is doing with ebXML - in fact probably THE leader in

So how wrong can these other Gartner people be?  


They've had to climb down before and recant.  So I believe when they
see the huge body of evidence we've amassed on ebXML they will
realize that if its so complex - its odd so many people are doing it 
and getting it right!  And not only that - but the continuing work is
thriving and a year ahead of other work in delivering real 
mission critical technology for internet based e-business.

What has been happening is a lot of slick money being thrown at
people to call the plays.   Hardly objective reviews by people that
work for companies that are being paid huge sums from clients 
that somehow want more control of information technology 
directions; and when you pay the piper, you call the tune.

This is I believe the single biggest and most compelling reason
for markets like Europe, Asia / Pacific to adopt ebXML.  Finally
here is technology that they can take and purpose and guide
and contribute to - instead of having to eat other peoples'
dog food.

A useful perspective, if you want to see Gartner brought to 
task for silly pronouncements can be found at:


How does the saying go?  "We're not always right, but we're 
never wrong!"

The problem is that the average CIO is in panic mode and
in the target spotlight.  They have two years tops to show
the next level of ROI, using whoknowswhatwondertechnology.

I've been applying grey matter to coming up with a checklist
for CIOs to use to ask not just serious ROI questions, but also
to figure out what they want technology to really do to help
their business.  Once you have a firm grasp on that - its
very much easier to make objective technology decisions.

That PPT is upcoming next week hopefully....in draft right now.

Unfortunately the marketeers assume they can sell software
like cars, gotta have the latest model with chromed coffee cup
holders....and last years story is just somehow tarnished already.

Cheers, DW.
Message text written by Steve Capell
Unfortunately Gartner presented ebXML in a very negative light (too
complex, will never catch on, etc, etc).  Whether deserved or not,
Gartner does represent a "trusted authority" on these issues so their
comments are taken very seriously.  

The consequence for the ebXML effort in Australia is not good and I will
probably have to think about re-positioning ebXML myself (I just cant
fight Microsoft, IBM, Gartner, etc on my own..).

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