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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML vs EDIINT (AS2)


Sorry that was not the interpretation.  AS2 specs say nothing
about BPM and CPPA.  Therefore if you just implement AS2
alone - you get NONE of those things.

That is why I think long term AS2 is clearly an alleyway with a
deadend.  Its just a short term means to lowering delivery

So by adding ebXML to AS2 - then of course you get a
broad highway you can drive onto in using all the things
that ebXML does beyond simple messaging.

And I know lots of people have invested in AS2 already,
so there's a pressing need to show how they can step
up and add ebMS and BPSS and CPP to what they
have already, with a smooth migration path.

I'm sure we could create default AS2 models in BPSS and CPP
that would manage installed systems too.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by bhaugen
From: David RR Webber 
> Clearly 
> AS2 does not have all the BPSS and partner CPP support
> that ebXML brings.

Why do you think you can't use BPSS with AS2?


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