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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg] ebXML vs EDIINT (AS2)

Message text written by "Margo, Todd"
> Can you explain this statement in some more detail: "The initial
> report on this is "YES" it can be done - to provide ebXML delivery
over AS2
> and adding this link to ebMS products." What does "provide ebXML
> over AS2" and "adding this link to ebMS products" really mean?

I can't explain those particular statements,
but isn't AS2 all about message handling?

So couldn't AS2 replace ebXML Message Handling?

All else in ebXML could plug in?

AS2 specs say they doesn't care what payload is being used.

ebXML specs say each component should be usable
independently of all others, so, for example,
you should be able to use:
AS2 message handling
EDIFACT payload format

...or X12, or UBL, or OAG, or CSV, or whatever.

I recognize that things fall through the cracks,
and there may be glitches as the specs evolved
where they bound themselves to tightly to their
ebXML relatives.

But those should be raised as bugs,
and fixed.

Of course, that's all in theory.
David's suggestion of the Interop group
makes sense.  The combinations need
to be tested before anybody can trust

-Bob Haugen

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