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Subject: Re: POC Document - First cut


Very good document. I am off to Cincinatti to meet Mark Hale, and I will
also be meeting with Jim Clark on the Metamodel side. I am working to get

Regards, Sig

Krishna Sankar <ksankar@cisco.com> on 10/01/2000 10:22:26 PM

To:   Ebxml-Poc <ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org>
Subject:  POC Document - First cut

Fellow POCers,

     Here is the first cut at the Tokyo POC document. Please let me know
ideas, suggestions, wisdom et al.

     The next steps are as follows:

     1.   Refine and shape the document to a point where we all know what
we are
showing at the POC.

     2.   For Philippe to try a first cut at allocation, we need to tell
him which
vertical (automotive/retail) we plan to participate in. We have 8 sellers,
buyers, 4 registries, 4 hubs, ... And we have three tracks - Automotive
vertical, Retail vertical and the BP/CC track. (The POC document has more
details on this). So after we agree on the general POC, we can comfortably
divide the work and distribute the tracks among us.

     3.   Once the above steps are done, we can dig deeper, add more
details and
work on our part. We should have some level of integration at f2f - if
possible. There is only 4 weeks before Tokyo.

     4.   I hope, we can get to this point by the middle of this week and
finalize during our con call on Thursday.

     5.   While we are working on the above, I assume Sig and Mark plan to
more details Monday/Tuesday when they are in Cincinnati; Scott/Farrukh will
have some examples and finalized the DTD; ...


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