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Subject: re: Question on ebXML Business Process and Core Components MaterialsManagement Doc

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>I noticed that in Figure 2 you mention Sun/IBM listed for Registry
Simulation. What did you mean by that? I am not aware of any joint work
in this area that we are collaborating on. Also, I would prefer to
replace "Registry Simulation" with "Registry Implementation" since the
intent of the POC is to implement ebXML specs and not to have a showcase
for simulated behavior (or products for that matter).<



Also - should be noted that XMLGlobal has signed up to 
provide Registry functionality for the PoC, and we are 
looking to finalize the content exchange details with the
other PoC participants asap to faciliate that.

My understanding that work on sample content for
retrieval from the registry is in-progress from AIAG and
GCI, so we are waiting till we have that before proceeding
next steps.

Thanks, DW.

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