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Subject: Re: Important for POC Registry Implementors: Bug FixesinRegistryServices v0.8

OK. I get the hint. We will retain ebXMLError. I assume the
Attribute.type=>Attribute.attributeType change is acceptable unless I hear

Sam Hunting wrote:

> [Farrukh Najmi writes]
> > The use of lower case 'e' at the
> > beginning is inconsistent with CamelCase naming convention being  followed
> by RR specs and also causes problems
> > with some automated tools.
> [David Webber responds]
> > Yuk!  Machines getting precedence over humans?
> >
> > ebXMLError is logically correct - we should retain this.
> >
> > The rule should be that ebXML is spelled ebXML in all
> > cases.  That's an obvious and intuitive need.
> >
> > I'm intriged to know " also causes problems with some automated tools" -
> > like what?
> >
> > Can we please fix the automated tools! The tail should not wag the dog.
> I agree with DaviD that human-readability is paramount. David Burdett's
> original style should be maintained.
> (1) Humans matter. See the (approved) Requirements:
> <quote>The goal is to provide an XML-based open technical framework to
> enable XML to be utilized in a consistent and uniform manner for the
> exchange of\ Electronic Business (EB) data in application to application,
> application to human, andhuman to application environments-thus creating a
> single global market.</quote>.
> (2) In particular, humans who can't necessarily purchase expensive
> development tools (that impose camel case requirements) matter:
> <quote>
> Support for a range of implementations from basic, low cost solutions
> appropriate
> for Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) deployment, to comprehensive, complex
> implementations using all optional features appropriate to large enterprises
> </quote>
> Sam Hunting
> XML Evangelist


org:Sun Microsystems;Java Software
adr:;;1 Network Drive, MS BUR02-302;Burlington;MA;01803-0902;USA
fn:Farrukh S. Najmi

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