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Subject: Fwd: BP_Deliverable for QRT review

FYI. Nick.

>Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 15:30:45 -0400
>From: "Paul R. Levine" <plevine@telcordia.com>
>Subject: BP_Deliverable for QRT review
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>StC Members,
>Following up on the 9 Oct. BP PT conference call today, we are submitting the
>attached Technical Specification of the ebXML Metamodel, entitled "Business
>Process Project Team Technical Specification Document Draft Version 3.0:
>Collaboration Modeling Metamodel & UML Profile" specification for Quality
>Review.  I had previously forwarded this document through Klaus, but he 
>me of the correct procedure to go through the StC.  This document is 
>admitedly a
>work in progress, but is the specification that was submitted by Edifecs to
>ebXML and adopted by the Delivery Team, because of quality and completeness of
>the work.  Work remaining on this specification is to enhance the modeling
>metamodel to include explicit Resourcs, Events, Agents (REA),  core components
>and TPA.  The reason this document is being submitted for Quality Review 
>now is
>the AIAG PoC proposal is based on this mature and stable metamodel and the
>collaborative business patterns contained in it.  The second reason is that
>Draft Version 2.0 of the BP PT Technical Specification Document has been
>superceded by this document, and thus will be "decommissioned."
>My apologies to those who are receiving this for the nth time.  We're still
>working on getting a clear path to BP and CC documents on the ebXML web site.
>Also many people on the BP call today were in need quick delivery of the
>Paul Levine
>BP PT co-lead
>(See attached file: ebXML Collaboration Modeling Metamodel.doc)

ebXML Collaboration Modeling Metamodel.doc

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