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Subject: RE: Tokyo POC for vote

Farrukh & list members:

My comments in-between Farrukh's; mine marked as <jb></jb> ...

-----Original Message-----
From:	Farrukh Najmi [SMTP:Farrukh.Najmi@east.sun.com]
Sent:	Monday, October 09, 2000 2:02 PM
To:	Krishna Sankar
Cc:	Ebxml-Poc
Subject:	Re: Tokyo POC for vote

Krishna and friends,

Greta Job!

I would go further and say, it's not only a Greta job, but a Great job as 
well!   (sorry, I just couldn't resist... ;-)

Some thought/points below:

-We need to show line numbers in the online version of this doc for making 
refs easier.

I noticed that if you bring it up in MS Word (97) and do "View -> Page 
Layout", you get line numbers. These are consistent when printed, PROVIDED 
that you do not touch any formatting (i.e., page size, margins, etc.).
In MS Word (97), you can also do "View -> Online Layout" and get line 
numbers, but they are NOT the same!!!

By the way, does anyone know where the #^$&%# in Word you enable/disable 
this line numbering feature? I can't find it.

-The RR Services reference should be to v0.8:

For the convenience of anyone who hasn't gotten it yet, RR Services v0.8 is 
available attached to Farrukh's message at:

-PpV1.0.dtd, TPAV1.0.dtd?: Which spec are these DTDs from. We should not be 
stuff in POC. I am very concerned about any spec work going on in POC. We 
should be
implementing right now and specs should be frozen. Note there are 26 days 
till show


I think this comes under what Klaus was talking about in his message to the 
POC at:

-I want to make a clarification between TPA discovery and TPA negotiation. 
We will show
dynamic discovery of content (e.g. PP), based on Browse and Drill down 
queries between
Regsitry Browser and Registry based on RR Services v0.8 spec. We will not 
show dynamic
negotiation of TPa between buyer and seller since this business process in 
not speced
anywhere yet.

Agreed. I think it comes under Klaus' comments as well.

Krishna Sankar wrote:

> Fellow POCers,
>         Here is the Tokyo POC document for voting. Nick wants the votes 
to be in By
> Tuesday noon. The document has all the stuff required to implement the 
> POC for the Tokyo meeting. There are a few details missing (like a couple 
> examples, DTDs etc) which we can develop as we move along.
>         The document also contains the participant matrix and allocation.
>         Please send an e-mail to the list for any corrections, questions,
> suggestions et al.
>         cheers and happy voting
>         BTW, I missed the cob Sunday deadline by 12 minutes ;-) as it is 
12:12 AM !
> ----------------------------------------------------------
>        |          |             Krishna Sankar
>       :|:        :|:            Member of technical Staff
>      :|||:      :|||:           Internet Commerce
>  ..:|||||||:..:|||||||:..       (Ph) 408-853-8475
>     Cisco  Systems Inc          ksankar@cisco.com
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> "Failure is certain if we don't,
>            but Success is uncertain even when we do.
>                          So the choice is Ours, always..."
> ----------------------------------------------------------
>                                       Name: ebXMLTokyo POC 
>    ebXMLTokyo POC Proposal-005.doc    Type: WINWORD File 
>                                   Encoding: BASE64

 << File: najmi.vcf >>

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