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Subject: Confusion on RM

Dear POCers,

In reviewing the POC material over the week-end it is clear that there is 
some confusion over what was meant by Reliable Messaging in the POC matrix. 
Most of us support Relaible Messaging in some shape or form (which we can 
not show in Tokyo). The question that needs answering is who is committed 
to optionally show ebXML RM (Ver0.080) at the Tokyo POC. I plan to raise 
this for discussion on our weekly conf. call so please  take the time and 
read the spec (again). Thanks in advance.


p.s. Keep in mind that one of the key roles POC plays is to provide 
feed-back to other WGs. So if you aren't happy with the RM Spec and plan 
not to support it on technical grounds, ebXML TRP needs your input.

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