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Subject: Clarification on Business Processes and their payloads


I wanted to clarify my work in organizing the payloads for the POC.  As you
know, we have three tracks each with a business process.  In turn, each
business process is represented by a sequence diagram (or conversation)
noted in the proposal.  Here is a summary:

	Track 1:  TP Formation
		BP:  TP Formation
	Track 2:  Retail
		BP:  Item Alignment
		BP:  Purchase Order
	Track 3:  Automotive
		BP:  Materials Management

At each step in the conversation is a payload (Order, Acecptance, Ack,
etc.).  You have seen traffic concerning my working with GCI/AIAG in getting
the payload DTDs for Track 2 & 3.  XML examples have been created as well.
That data has been inserted into the POC draft proposal and an electronic
version will be made to POC participants within the next few days. Track 2 &
3 are complete with the exception of Ack's for Track 3.  In both tracks,
payloads were modified by me in order to fulfill an implementable
conversation for POC in the Tokyo timeframe.  Changes were fed back to their
respective organizations.  Most of the changes were done to accomodate

I began work on Track 1 late in the game resulting in some confusion in the
manner in which it was presented in the proposal.  My intent is to organize
the payloads corresponding to the TP Formation conversation in Track 1 in a
manner similar to Track 2 & 3.  Hence you will see a PP and PA dtd in the
draft sent out.  After speaking today with Farrukh, I realized that this
should be better aligned with the tpaML DTD and I am working to do that in
the next few days.  When I do this, you will see PP and PA examples with the
single tpaML DTD.  Similar to Track 2 & 3, any modifications that are done
for the conversation will be returned to the respective groups for approval.



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