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Subject: RE: Demonstrating Reg/Rep

Message text written by Krishna Sankar

        Sorry for the late reply. When I was looking thru all e-mails to
see if I
had missed any comments on the POC doc, I came across this e-mail. IMHO, we
should avoid the submission and other APIs during the demo for now. As
Farrukh pointed out, just a question of keeping the scope under control.



This is an action item from the RegRep conference call.

What we agreed two meetings back was to allow submission (change request)
but simply queue such requests with a NOP action.

Now - the issue is - does anyone of the PoC scenarios require information 
stored that is subsequently queried and later retrieved by next step(s)?

If we can determine that is NOT the case - then we can have the simple
change request NOP for the RegRep PoC that we had planned and
agreed to.

Thanks, DW.

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