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Subject: Important for POC Registry Implementors: Bug Fixes #2 inRegistryServices v0.8

During POC  implementation of the following bugs were found in the RS
v0.8 spec:

1. The GetClassifiedObjectsResponse returns a ManagedObjectRefList
rather than a ManagedObjectList. This is inadequate for providing all
the meta data (e.g. type, version etc.) on the managed object contents
that matched the specified classification nodes.

The fix effects 2 DTDs. The ManagedObject.dtd has a new element
ManagedObjectList defined. The GetClassifiedObjectsResponse now includes
a ManagedObjectList rather than a ManagedObjectRefList.

I am attaching the fixed versions of the 2 DTDs.

This bug is an obvious typo and oversight. Hopefully no one will have
any objections to the change. 

I do not plan to re-distribute updated versions of the spec at this
point for the above changes. What is more effective is to make sure that
RR implementors in POC see this message and understand this change. If
folks have an issue with suggested fixes let me know. Otherwise I will
assume you agree with the changes. 

Finally, please let me know of any other spec problems you may have
encountered and I will try and propose a fix in a timely manner.




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