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Subject: RE: Payload update (New Web Site Info)

Message text written by INTERNET:Farrukh.Najmi@East.Sun.COM

I have expressed my concern for changing DTDs at this late stage. I am on
my way to Tokyo and will not have a chance to make the changes. Please lets
live the the DTD we have.



I'm confused by this statement?

Does this mean you have no local copy with you, and /or noone back
in "Sunsville" that can make changes for you if needed?

Also - notice the RR DTD's contain XML syntax errors - I've finessed
this by not implementing those piece that contain errors, or making 
work-arounds to achieve a minimum function set that will support the
PoC choreographies OK.

I'm planning to have to make last minute finetuning changes in anycase
to support the other WG's needs over this coming week.

Thanks, DW.

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