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Subject: RE: Payload update (New Web Site Info)

Before this gets too far out of control let me chime in. The TP DTDs are 
currently a local POC matter and it would be desirable though not mandatory 
to align with Marty's latest DTDs. If the latter can be done then great if 
not I don't see a huge requirement to align immediately.The TP WG is still 
working on their ebXML spec. and I feel we already have conceptual 
alignment - Scott/Sig/Marty correct me if I'm characterizing this incorrectly.

As for broken RR DTD's that's an entirely different matter. I hope and 
assume you are posting this to the RR WG so it gets fixed. Is this the case ?


At 02:37 PM 10/26/2000 -0400, David RR Webber wrote:
>Message text written by INTERNET:Farrukh.Najmi@East.Sun.COM
> >
>I have expressed my concern for changing DTDs at this late stage. I am on
>my way to Tokyo and will not have a chance to make the changes. Please lets
>live the the DTD we have.
>I'm confused by this statement?

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