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Subject: Proposed naming convention for IP


  As per our concall yesterday, I am sending out my proposal for naming
scheme for the POC DNS.

  Since each of the participating companies have an existing domain, I am
recommending that we take the domain name and affix .ebxml.com to it.

  For example:  xmls.com would become xmls.ebxml.com and ajubasolutions.com
would become ajubasolutions.ebxml.com.  

  By adhering to this naming scheme, we will be able to accurately
preconfigure our environments in advance of the actual demo.  For those less
familiar with IP techniques, until you get to the show, you can manually add
these names into your etc/hosts file pointing them at an internal address
for testing purposes.

  If no objections are raised in this forum, as per yesterday's call, this
scheme will be considered ratified.


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