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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: RE: Registry Headers


Please see my comments.


At 03:48 PM 10/28/2000 -0700, Mark Hale wrote:
>With respect to the ebXML Headers required to interact with RegRep, we need
>to finalize on the header info.  I think that the suggestion that I made
>earlier went on a long-winded tangent.  Please permit to back up and see if
>we can reach consensus.
>Step 1:  The header looks the following where and we are trying to reach
>consensus on --A-- and --B--
>         <ebXMLHeader>
>           <Header>
>             <TPAInfo>
>               <TPAId context = "POC">
>                 CPA/CPAInfo/CPAName
>               </TPAId>
>               <ConversationId context = "POC
>                 uid@requester-domain [from request message]
>               </ConversationId>
>               <ServiceInterface>     --A--    </ServiceInterface>
>               <Action>  --B--      </Action>
>             </TPAInfo>
>           </Header>
>           ...
>         </ebXMLHeader>
>Step 2:  I propose the values of A & B should be:
>  --A-- == Object Query Manager
>   Note:  This is only one of several service interfaces
>  --B-- == GetRootClassificationNodesRequest
>   Note:  This is only one of several actions within the interface
>Step 3:  I suggested the locations of A & B in the cpp-cpa DTD in the e-mail
>sent earlier.  Please do not use the locations in the header.  Rather I
>thought I would tell you exactly where you can find the values of A & B in
>the DTD:
>--A-- == CPA/BusinessProtocol/BusinessInterface/ServiceInterface?InterfaceId

Not sure this needs to be a distinguished name - why not simply:  QueryManager

>--B-- ==

Same as above - why not for example, simply use : getRootClassificationNodes


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