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Subject: Re: ebXML POC PR plans

Hi All,

I just got off a ebXML marketing call, we can to two POC related conclusion.
- We asked that all partners hold off on their press releases till the POC PR
event at the end of November.
- We are looking into filming the POC for the PR event.


Steven Yung wrote:

> Hi All,
> Attached is the latest PR plan for the POC.
> The plan has been revised. The ebXML marketing team has decided to
> postpone the ebXML POC press release and related PR activities until
> later in November
> (see plan for more details).
> Please note that we will still hold media briefings in Tokyo. The Tokyo
> media briefings will be general, but we will note the POC work and
> highlight vendors
> involved in the POC.
> This decision was made based upon  a couple of things:
> · The event is in Tokyo, and we do not expect any non-Asian based press
> to attend the meeting. Although international outreach is certainly key
> to our PR activities, there is a large chasm between press coverage in
> Asia-Pacific and western countries. Our hope is that by holding a PR
> event in the US, we’ll get greater distribution of our news. We will
> still do PR outreach on general ebXML work in Tokyo – see below.
> · Comdex is being held the week of November 13. This means a lot of news
> channels are tied up until the week after this event.
> · Thanksgiving holidays in the U.S. (November 23 & 24).
> · A later date gives us more time to coordinate the partner PR efforts
> around this, which are essential to generating the impact needed. As
> well, this gives us more time to finalize other possible news items for
> the ebXML press release. This will be discussed in Tokyo.
> · It is important that audiences learn the basics of ebXML, as much as
> is possible, before diving into information on the POC. This context is
> needed in order to understand the import of the POC.
> With all that in mind, the plan now calls for a POC PR event for the
> week of Nov 27 or Dec 4 in the San Francisco Bay Area (all POC
> participants are invited).  This means that we will not have any major
> PR activity this week or next.
> We will finalize these plans this week and next week at Tokyo.  We
> proposed a meeting with the POC team in Tokyo Friday AM to go over the
> POC PR event.
> A couple of take-aways:
> - There will be no major PR activity from ebXML this week or next week.
> - If you are planning any PR activity, please contact Carol Geyer at
> OASIS (carol.geyer@oasis-open.org, +1-941-926-2322).
> - Carol Geyer will coordinate all press release activities, this
> includes quotes and review of press releases.
> Cheers,
> Steve
> --
> Steve Yung, steven.yung@sun.com
> Market Segment Manager
> XML/Web Development Solutions
> Sun Microsystems
> Phone: +1-650-786-8469
> Fax: +1-650-786-3674
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                             Name: ebXML POC PR Plan.doc
>    ebXML POC PR Plan.doc    Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                         Encoding: BASE64


Steve Yung, steven.yung@sun.com
Market Segment Manager
XML/Web Development Solutions
Sun Microsystems
Phone: +1-650-786-8469
Fax: +1-650-786-3674

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