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Subject: Re: ebXML PoC -- feedback to working groups

Sorry for being out of time
Here is a feedback from Fujitsu POCers

[TP] Values of ID type attributes should only be used for referencing XML
element within a CPP/A. Identifier (in the context of ebXML) for
ServiceInterface, etc. could be an URI, which cannot be held in ID type
attribute. These identifiers should be written in the separate XML elements.

[TP,TRP] Semantics of each element/attribute should be specified strictly.
For example, CPA DTD has Partyname element and PartyName attribute. Which is
for system use and which is just for human-readable description? Which
identifier is used for ServiceInterface, Action in the TRP header? etc.

[TP,TRP] CPA should have information for sending transport ack messages. POC
implementation used a simple scheme that maps sender DUNS to URI. Currently
this mapping cannot be obtained from CPA.

[TP,TRP] Bootstrapping problem in CPA proposal have to be resolved. POC
assumed the CPA proposal/acceptance is a well-known service and exchanged
message between implicitly agreed interfaces. In reality, Its transport
information have to be either predescribed by ebXML specification or found
in the to-be-partner's CPP obtained from registry. Later case requires the
means (and its spec) with which CPA accepter can find which CPP to use, ex.
attatching CPP (or its URL) with the proposed CPA.

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