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Subject: Re: Reflector online


I also thought we've decided that we are to use TRP 0.21d spec for 
London and NY demos.

I do understand that new participants will not be happy with 
implementing obsoleted spec. This, however, is cooperative work. We have 
to make final decision ASAP to prevent everyone from running in opposite 
direction with "provision".

I personally don't mind using TRP 0.93 as well, as far as all the 
cooperating demonstration partners can agree with it. It's OK one group 
use 0.21d and the other group use 0.93.

Although I think 0.21d is a bit simpler and easier to implement,
0.93 is not so different from 0.21d, and they are both now obsolete 

How about forming demonstration partner group first and deciding which 
TRP spec to use per group basis?

Kenji Nagahashi
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Michael Joya wrote:

>   It was discussed in Vancouver that newcomers to the group could not 
> and would not
> be supporting 0.21d. It was decided that newcomers in the automotive 
> track and in
> the would engineer a 0.93 solution whereas the oldtimers would 
> redisplay their
> Tokyo implementation.
>   When I signed myself up for the tracks, I did so with the proviso 
> that I would
> support the latest spec given before the SOAP change. I started 
> engineering my
> software in December and will not support deprecated work that was 
> written in
> October.

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