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Subject: RE: London/NY F2F @ Commerce One


When the offer was made to host the F2F, you did not mention an NDA.  I had
sent out an email about NDAs a while back, but I guess that was before you
joined.  The requirement for an NDA is not acceptable in ebXML working
groups. If this is a problem, let me know, as there were other companies
who've volunteered (i.e. SUN, Documentum, Netfish/IONA, etc.).  

Sid Askary
Chair, ebXML POC WG

-----Original Message-----
From: Cherkassky, Dimitri
To: ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
Sent: 3/1/01 12:47 PM
Subject: London/NY F2F @ Commerce One

Commerce One will host the POC F2F meeting in Pleasanton, CA on March 7
8, 2001.  See attached for directions to the office and hotel
recommendations.  When you get to the Commerce One building, proceed to
Customer Visit Center on the 2nd floor and register with the
there.  The Wednesday session will start at 9 am.  Breakfast and lunch
be provided.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

The local bureaucrats insist on all visitors signing the NDA (attached).
Please fax to 925-520-6062 or bring with you.

See you in sunny Pleasanton!

Dimitri Cherkassky
Manager, Engineering
Commerce One
(925) 520-4236 - office
(925) 352-7897 - cell

 <<NDA.doc>>  <<Commerce One Headquarters.doc>> 

 <<NDA.doc>>  <<Commerce One Headquarters.doc>> 

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