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Subject: RE: ebXML PoC conference call agenda -- 03/29

Title: RE: ebXML PoC conference call agenda -- 03/29


Documentum will also participate in Vienna, as well as New York. Carol's press release that went out today forgot to mention us.

Is there some conspiracy going on? (just kidding)


-----Original Message-----
From: Askary, Sid [mailto:saskary@netfish.com]
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 12:22 PM
To: ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: RE: ebXML PoC conference call agenda -- 03/29

I was waiting for email from the participants, but my email went dead over
the weekend.  My apologies.  Here is a summery of the call.

The proposed agenda is as follows:
1. overview of agenda -- any additional topics? (2 minutes)


2. London demo report (3 minutes)

Sid Gave a report.  Very successful demo.  Some last minute bugs, but
overall "Thumbs up".

3. NYC demo update (5 minutes) 

Contivo will be an additional participant.  BEA is a maybe.  Infoteria is
out.  I need to update our website.  Also, a press release will be going out

4. update from Sig on proposal v0.55 and discussion (10 minutes)

Moving along.  Roles will be put together this week before NY.  Need to add
UDDI integration as part of scenario. 

5. status of BP/CC participation in Vienna PoC (5 minutes)

Sig to get tools (possibly from Schemantix) for getting the cc into the
Also, David Welsh to coordinate with BP for helping figure how they would

6. Dimitri Cherkassky (Commerce One) on Covisint participation (5 minutes)

Protocol conversion is possible, but the selection has not been made yet.

7. Shimamura-san's and Iwasa-san's (Fujitsu) proposals (03/27 e-mail) on
spec versions and what to do w.r.t. security (10 minutes)

Savion spoke for Fujitsu.  Security will be based at a minimum with DSIG.
An official request was made to IBM for release of code-base to POC (waiting
for response).  Looking for a donor CA (Mike Joya has offered one - let's
get it going Mike! - thanks.)


8. logistics: meeting schedule (need face-to-face? when?, etc.), deadline
for participation, etc. (10 minutes)

F2F April 17 at Netfish/IONA HQ in Santa Clara.  Apr 30, May 1st at GE in
Details to follow.
9.  Mike LANE (SP?) from NIST was wondering about additional proposals for
REG/REP.  There are NO NEW PROPOSALS being added to the demo scenario.  We
are, however looking for the following.
1)  A donation of reg/rep client. (i.e. SUN)
2)  A donation of TRP implementation. (i.e. bTrade.com)
3)  A donation of XMLDSIG  (i.e. IBM)
3)  A donation of CA  (i.e. XMLGLOBAL)

By donation I mean those that are willing to partner with others openly to
help them with their implementation.


So far I have the following Companies/organizations for Vienna:

Fujitsu, Data Access Technologies, Schemantix, Killdara, Contivo,
Sybase, Commerce One with Covisint, Samsung SDS, NTT Communications, NTT
Data, IBM, GE Global Exchange Services, BEA Systems, webMethods, Viquity,


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