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Subject: Re: Tech Spec 0.55 - HL7 Scenario Details

I originally omitted this list on my response to Michael Joya, here it is:

At 10:22 AM 3/30/01 -0800, you wrote:
>   I'm wondering what HL7's current messaging infrastructure looks like in 
> terms of software. I also wonder if it can be used by our group to 
> demonstrate how we're supporting their business process. Even if that 
> software consisted of a bunch of HTML forms to use as a layout, at least 
> we could find some common ground and save ourselves some 
> application-design or gui-design work.
>   Liora can you comment on this? The use cases and sequence diagrams are 
> only one part of the integration process. I'd like more information on 
> how you create the XML content. Schemas would also be helpful.

I agree, Michael, that for this type of transaction, it is best to have 
actual applications, rather than bins for canned data, at the end-points of 
the interactions. Recruiting healthcare vendors to install an application 
one month from now for a one hour demo to a small but significant group of 
standards wonks in Vienna is not a trivial task, but I think we just might 
be able to do it, if we remain flexible on a couple of points.

I'm in active discussion with the vendors who have made the HL7 interop 
demos work over the past few years and I will come back to the POC with 
more information shortly. On the other hand, if we can do this simulating 
some, but not all, of the points of interaction, I think we will have 
accomplished a great deal both for ebXML and for the healthcare 
standardization effort.



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